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A F R I C A, Birch Creek, Cedar Root and an Apple Triptych are now hanging on the walls of clients, one of whom bought two pieces. How wonderful is that!

If I could bottle the pleasure that people derive from painting, I would be rich! I can't think of a better way to spend a morning than watching people create and play with paint.




Have a look at what Rory and her mother Kelly created in two hours of fun as we ran through several techniques beginning with a complimentary colour palette. We added paint, glazed, cut, scratched, blocked in colour, textured and re-arranged...a number of techniques that enabled them to loosen up and apply to future work.


(posted on 27 Jul 2015)




Brian and Patricia set to work this morning in my studio collaging with paper and paint. They worked for a good two hours exploring a couple of new acrylic techniques. They later had some time continuing to work on their own in the studio.



(posted on 24 Jul 2015)

"The making of an abstract work is not for the faint of heart. The process takes us to the core of who we are. It requires us to call upon our sense of adventure and our willingness to risk. The work confirms that by trusting our intuition we open to the possibilities of exploration and experimentation. The results can be surprising and delightul. Finding the balance between intention and intuition, spontaneity and knowledge is the gift of abstract exprssion." Judith Walker

These words came to me quite suddenly one day recently as I was thinking about my efforts to create something of essence and beyond the recognizable. I believe these words totally and completely. I also believe that we contain all the solutions to any challenge if only we take the time to be still and look within. The creative process is a metaphor for life. As a friend said to me many years ago..."You must commit to the experience as if it were the act." He will never know how many times I have reflected on those words.

(posted on 19 Mar 2015)

I'm happy to report that three paintings have sold since the New Year.

My Home Is My Castle found a new home with an architect and his family from Calgary. I was fortunate enough to meet them and delighted in his comment that he thought my work was " absolutely wonderful".

Desert Town and the Neighbourhood ( yet to be posted ) sold to a local contractor who likes the geometry in my work. I thought that was interesting. Something I'm not particularly aware of.

Chinatown has happily left my studio for the kitchen of another. The buyer comments, "It's hot stuff!"

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